Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) is the largest faculty at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). A diverse, inclusive, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic community, IUS is home to students from over 50 countries and faculty from over 20 countries.

As the first foundation university of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, IUS looks to the future to further enhance its diversity and more closely work with local and international companies and institutions. Such engagement offers a service to the general public, while providing educational experiences and practical field opportunities to our students within the best tradition of experiential learning.

FENS distinguishes itself by its student-centric vision and mission, its highly accomplished academic staff, its modern research laboratories, and its exceptional service to the community. FENS offers bachelor’s (BSc), master’s (MSc) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Software Engineering, Genetics and Bioengineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, as well as Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. All IUS programs are licensed and the university id institutionally accredited by BiH. In addition, our Genetics and Bioengineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Programs have obtained international accreditation for BSc and MSc studies for a six-year stretch until 2022 from AQ Austria.

FENS continues the tradition of being involved in many international cooperative and exchange programs. Starting from the 2019-2020 academic year, three FENS programs – Architecture,  Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering – will offer dual-diploma programs in cooperation with the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). ITU is the third-oldest technical university in the world. FENS dual-diploma program students will spend their first two years in IUS and their junior and senior years at ITU. They will receive diplomas from both institutions.

IUS is rapidly establishing itself as major hub in Southeastern Europe with its leading programs and research as it works tirelessly to extend its reach beyond this region. Accordingly, FENS has embarked on a thrust to increase the entrepreneurial ambitions of its students and academic staff to better serve our extended community. In terms of its service to society, FENS contributes to the IUS mission with its periodical Miller Talks public seminars.

With the venues that it affords for numerous cultural, social, outdoors and sports events, the City of Sarajevo is a unique multicultural center of activity. This backdrop not only makes living in Sarajevo a memorable experience, but also attracts international companies to our beautiful city. It creates a cosmopolitan landscape for a city notable for its compact and easily accessible features. Consequently, our students observe first-hand the interplay of business, technology, and society that enormously enriches their academic experience.

FENS programs are crafted to challenge our students to achieve their full potential while imbibing the habits of life-long learning, yet sufficiently flexible to allow them to pursue their own interests and innovate ideas in the ever-changing landscape of life and business in the 21st century.

As we start the new academic year we look forward to being part of the learning experience of our students and adding value to our extended community.