FENS, Methods of Course Delivery - Fall 2020


Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 13:52
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  General Course Delivery Guidelines for Students

 FENS students should contact their professors regarding the specifics of their courses. The following terms apply to all courses:

1. Rules and modes of delivery may change as the crisis circumstances change. We understand that there is a wide range of student preferences, as would be expected from a diverse student body at an international university. FENS is committed to accommodate all student preferences.

2. Students are free to choose to attend classes on campus or on line. Students must contact their professors and register their names if they want to attend classes on campus. There will be limits regarding the maximum number of students permitted to be in class at any given time. The professor will schedule students so as to observe the restrictions.

3. Students may change their preferred mode of class attendance at any time.

4. Students who opt to follow the class on line are expected to be present during the class times and follow the classes synchronously.

5. Students are expected to participate in class discussions, be it on campus or on line. Professors may introduce class participation as a course evaluation component with a significant weight.

6. Students may choose to attend tutorials on campus, or if feasible, on line. Again, students should notify their professors regarding their choices.

7. Whenever possible, labs will be conducted on campus. Some labs may be conducted virtually. Students always have the option to take the labs on campus if they so prefer. Depending on the circumstances, labs may be deferred to the end of the term, to the next term or to the summer. Please contact your professor for details.

8. Design-based courses (such as architecture design studios) are best conducted face-toface. Those students who opt not to attend classes on campus are required to meet on line with their professors and demonstrate weekly progress.

9. Professors will hold extended office hours. In addition, students may make appointments to meet outside office hours.

10. Graduate courses will continue to be mostly after hours. Please contact your professor for specific details. Examinations will be subject to IUS and BiH regulations. In order to maintain the level of academic honesty required by accreditation agencies, the professors reserve the right to conduct or repeat any examination orally on a one-on-one basis, either on-line through recorded video conferencing or on campus.

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