Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering laboratory aims at preparing students with knowledge and abilities to improve, evaluate, design and control safe, sustainable, and cost-effective technologies in order to make innovative and useful contributions to humanity. With this in mind, we seek to enhance both research and education and inspire new generations to create breakthrough solutions to serve all people.

Mechanical Engineering laboratory is equipped with specialized capabilities to support research and student projects. The equipment consists basically of hand tools, drilling, cutting, MIG welding, electric arc welding, most importantly, industrial furnace, etc., can be used in assembling techniques, production techniques, designing and manufacturing techniques, standard welding techniques, diffusion welding, heat treatment, powder metallurgy, composite materials, etc. Those techniques or methods are widely used in aeronautic industry, space industry, computer industry, arms or defense industry, etc. Besides the mentioned equipment and tools, the workshop is equipped with several material testing machines: hardness testing machine, impact tester and universal hydraulic testing machine are used to test and demonstrate behavior and properties of certain materials.